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The XFS Linux wiki

Welcome to the Linux XFS wiki.

NOTE: the old wiki is being migrated to this wiki, if you don't find here what you are looking for, please refer to the old wiki.

Talk with Us!

Our project uses 1990s-era communication systems:

email: send email, subscribe to the list, or browse list archives.

IRC: #xfs on oftc


Various parts of the XFS design and on-disk artifacts are documented in a git repository.


disk format guide: PDF

Kernel Source

Latest source code that's (probably) going into upstream Linux soon.

development git:

Userspace Utilities

xfsprogs are the userspace utilities that manage XFS filesystems.

xfsprogs git:

xfsprogs release tarballs:

xfsdump tools create and restore backups of directory trees on XFS filesystems.

xfsdump git:

xfsdump release tarballs:

Test Suite

[x]fstests is the test suite for the userspace interfaces to filesystems. Originally developed for XFS, they have grown to cover ext[2-4], btrfs, overlayfs, cifs, f2fs, nfs, ocfs2, and udf.

xfstests git:

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