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 disk format guide: [[https://​​pub/​linux/​utils/​fs/​xfs/​docs/​xfs_filesystem_structure.pdf|PDF]] disk format guide: [[https://​​pub/​linux/​utils/​fs/​xfs/​docs/​xfs_filesystem_structure.pdf|PDF]]
 +===== Kernel Source =====
 +development git: [[https://​​pub/​scm/​fs/​xfs/​xfs-linux.git/​]]
 ===== Userspace Utilities ===== ===== Userspace Utilities =====
 xfsprogs are the userspace utilities that manage XFS filesystems. xfsprogs are the userspace utilities that manage XFS filesystems.
-git: [[https://​​pub/​scm/​fs/​xfs/​xfsprogs-dev.git/​]]+xfsprogs ​git: [[https://​​pub/​scm/​fs/​xfs/​xfsprogs-dev.git/​]] 
 +xfsprogs release tarballs: [[https://​​pub/​linux/​utils/​fs/​xfs/​xfsprogs/​]] 
 +xfsdump tools create and restore backups of directory trees on XFS filesystems. 
 +xfsdump git: [[https://​​pub/​scm/​fs/​xfs/​xfsdump-dev.git/​]] 
 +xfsdump release tarballs: [[https://​​pub/​linux/​utils/​fs/​xfs/​xfsdump/​]] 
 +===== Test Suite ==== 
 +[x]fstests is the test suite for the userspace interfaces to filesystems. ​ Originally developed for XFS, they have grown to cover ext[2-4], btrfs, overlayfs, cifs, f2fs, nfs, ocfs2, and udf.
-release tarballs: [[​pub/​linux/utils/fs/xfs/xfsprogs/]]+xfstests git: [[​pub/​scm/fs/xfs/xfstests-dev.git/]]
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